Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Good To Be Home!

I love my in-laws (you won't hear any Mother-in-law horror stories from me), but after almost 3 weeks of staying in other people's homes I am really looking forward to having a long, hot soak in the jetted tub tonight and sleeping in my own bed. By myself. No cat. No dog. No child.

The downside to coming home after 3 weeks away is a big stack of mail to go through, close to a 100 e-mails and pages of posts to catch up on my favourite scrapbooking forums. I've also downloaded close to 1000 pictures that I need to sort through. I plan on posting at least one a day for the rest of July to get me blogging more regularly.

Here is the first one taken at my Father-in-law's wharf. It's just an old pulley, but it has so much character.

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