Friday, March 18, 2011

True Heroes!

If you are like me you have been following the news about the nuclear power plant in Japan. It is unimaginable to me the stress the people of Japan must be under trying to recover from the earthquake and the tsunami while dealing with aftershocks and the threat of a nuclear meltdown in not just 1 but 4 reactors. My heart goes out to everyone there. Of all the images I've seen, the ones that resonate strongest with me are the ones of the workers walking into the nuclear plant. The men who are working so hard to prevent the meltdown(s) from happening are true heroes and they have my utmost respect. I can only pray that they are successful and that they are able to go home to their own families soon.

If you would like to help the disaster relief effort you can make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross here.

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pam said...

Oh Merrilee ... my thoughts exactly. They are brave and honourable beyond what most of us ever could be. Special people indeed.